Soundcloud: Top 3 Ways To Promote Your Music


Soundcloud holds a lot of potential for music discovery. It provides an infrastructure that facilitates growth through the ways it allows its users to engage with content on the site. There’s a general rule that applies to sites like Soundcloud, “the more people listen to you, the more people will listen to you”. On Soundcloud one person could hear your song and repost it to 100 followers who could repost it to their followers and so on. The challenge is getting the initial listeners that will spread your music. This is a list of the top 3 ways to do that using Souncloud.

  1. Remixes and Covers – Popular artists have begun to distribute their music around the web using Soundcloud audio players. As a result when people want to hear songs like Beyonce’s “Bow Down/I been on” or Lauryn Hill’s “Neurotic Society” that circulated online through Soundcloud audio players, they turn to the site. When they do this they use the search box which pulls up a bunch of song results with titles that match the search term. If you remixed one of those songs and gave it a title like Neurotic Society – Lauryn Hill (Gif Remix) you’ll come up in the top part of the results. I remixed the song  “I Need A Dollar” by Aloe Blacc  and it generated over 3000 plays on Soundcloud from, what I can only assume to be, either internal searches on the site or external searches from Google or another search engine. It’s been three years and the song still generates plays and brings me new followers.

  2. Spread your widgets – Posting your audio players to your social media sites and using them to submit to blogs will help to bring the initial listeners that will repost, like, share and spread your content to more listeners.

  3. Join groups – Soundcloud members form groups around common interest;  fans of storytelling will form a storytelling group, fans of underground Hip Hop will form an Underground Hip Hop group, etc. As a Soundcloud artist you can join these groups and share your music to them directly from the audio player on your profile using the “share to groups” button. This is another way to get the initial listeners that will bring you more

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