Promoting Music on Spotify: Why I Hate Spotify Links on Facebook

promoting music on Spotify using Facebook

Here’s what happens when you post a Spotify link to Facebook

When the Facebook user is logged into Spotify, they’re redirected to a newly opened tab on the website.  They’re then allowed to stream the album.

If the user isn’t registered or logged in, they have to either register or sign in. Once they do so, they’re given access to your music.

Here’s what happens on Mobile

More than half of Facebook users access the platform exclusively through mobile. Because of that fact, the mobile experience is vital. 

On mobile devices, it’s a whole other animal. When a user clicks the link to hear your music, they’re asked how they’d like to open the link – I’m using an Android phone – this may differ on an iPhone.

I selected to open the link in the Spotify app. As a registered free user with the app on my phone, I’m allowed to stream the album but only on shuffle.

If a user isn’t signed in to Spotify, they’re prompted to hit the “Play on Spotify” button. Once a user presses the “play on Spotify” button they’re asked to download Spotify. Once they download, they can listen.

Registered free users of Spotify may not take the time to sign in to gain access to your music. On mobile, they’re restricted to shuffle play which randomizes the album order. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Spotify peppers in random tracks from other artists and limits the number of skips. For instance, 3 songs into my album Spotify played a “suggested track” from Ariana Grande.

The biggest drawback is the fact that unregistered users have zero access to your music beyond the 30-second previews. Essentially, you’re limiting exposure of your album to Spotify Premium subscribers.

The bottom line is, you can’t use Spotify to promote your music unless you have demand. If you have demand, your listeners will be willing to overcome obstacles to access your music. Without demand, it’s counterproductive because you lose more than you gain by restricting most of the people you’re promoting your music to from listening to it.


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