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PPC Advertising: Fundamentals for Beginners

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What is PPC Advertising? PPC stands for Pay Per Click. What it means is that you pay for every time someone clicks on a link in your advertisement. You set the amount you'd like to pay, which can be as low as a penny, and only pay when there's a response in the form of a click. A click can represent a visit to your website or a view of your video depending on where you're advertising. On Youtube instead of PPC it's PPV because they count views. You can pay a penny per view and get 1000 views for $10. The bottom line is that with PPC advertising you get what you pay for. There's no minimum so you can start out with a $5 budget if you like. It's the most affordable and results driven manner of gaining exposure for your music. That's why I feel it's something important for you to know and understand.

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