Opening Statement


Pay us no mind GifGoals, what are they? Do you have any as an artist? My computer teacher used to always tell us that in order to build something we needed to first figure out where we wanted to go then find out how to get there. I know a lot of artists that have been doing music for decades and aren’t clear on their goal. Open Mic showcases, artists’ showcases, maybe a few mini major shows, sell a few CD’s here and there, maybe sell some merchandise, this is the career of most artists I encounter – including myself. Every day we get up and go to a job where we do something completely unrelated to what we want to do just to keep the bills paid so we have a roof over our heads while we dream chase. We work toward the day making music or making art in general is our job but find ourselves frustrated when we try to figure out how. Ok so we have one goal, become a self sustaining artist, which leads us right back to the question of HOW?

You can do some accounting and figure out the amount of CD’s, merchandise, and paid gigs you have to do in order to supplement your income but still, you find yourself back at HOW? How do you sell that many CD’s, how do you sell or even get merchandise to sell, how do you get paid gigs? The easy answer is exposure, but there are tougher questions. We embark on this journey together to ask those tougher questions and work to try to figure them out together.



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