Marketing Miles Davis: Direct-To-Fan


Artist and managers alike you might want to get your pens and pads out while watching this video with Mike King of Berklee Music speaking on the benefits of direct to fan interaction during MIDEM.

This talk has a wealth of quotes, ideas and proven methods for creating better fan engagement while focusing on important matters like increased band awareness and ultimately dollars earned by artists.King links the movement and music of the late Miles Davis and his album “Kind Of Blue” related to the information being relayed about marketing in this present day.

Foundational Thought Leaders discussed:

  • Seth Godin: Permission Based Market – Own your fan relationship; higher engagement.
  • Clay Shirky: Pool Of Producers – Collaborating with artists. Bands provide a platform for fans to market on their behalf.
  • Hugh MacLeod: Social Objects – The creation around something which fans can socialize. Creating sales options for your fans.

No more outlining for me. Watch this and take your own notes. Then apply them…!

*Bonus – FREE Download: Berklee Press: Music Marketing – Press, Promotion, Distribution, Retail



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