Making money on Soundcloud with OneRPM


OneRPM offers Soundcloud as a digital store in your distribution package. Distributing to Soundcloud doesn’t allow you to monetize your streams. Instead, it gets you included in the Soundcloud Content ID program which tracks unauthorized uploads. Revenue generated by unauthorized uploads gets paid to OneRPM who then pays you.

In order to join OneRPM’s Soundcloud Network, you must send a request to one of their representatives by email. Any questions you have about the program are going to have to be asked by email. There’s no information about Soundcloud monetization provided on the site.

Once you’re linked up, you have to fill out a spreadsheet with your track information and get it back to your representative. The track information includes ISRC codes, barcodes, track release date, etc.

Once you do all that, in a “really short time” you can start to collect royalties from Soundcloud streams.

OneRPM features:

Soundcloud monetization

Content ID   



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