Know Your Value + What Can A DJ Teach Me…?


I read this great article in Forbes by Adrienne Graham about not giving away information for free (Read it here: It reminded of a post I wrote a while back on a money blog of mine. Hopefully you’ll pull some ‘good information’ from it.

What Can A DJ Teach Me About Selling Online?

A world famous DJ uses the same marketing techniques to sell a product as most online network marketeers do, but what’s different? For starters, he has an actual project of quality. It’s not a recycled eBook slightly modified from a previous version filled with hype and circle talk. His web presentation is on point and aesthetically pleasing. It doesn’t look like some ‘fly by night’ html page tossed up in the early nineties hosted by Geo Cities (No disrespect to Geo-Cities, just making a point. Yay Geo-Cities!Go Geo Go!). There’s a fair amount to read but it’s engaging and about something interesting. It speaks to a specific niche and most importantly, it’s issued by a real person. A person that obviously has a reputation that would be damaged if said product was in fact not up to snuff. (Mind you he’s actually accessible. He literally could be snuffed by an unsatisfied customer). His approach comes off super genuine. It’s like he’s selling you something without trying to well, sell you something. What he’s really doing when you think about it, is offering a service. A true service granted is going to out sell most items made available online. My suggestion is, if you don’t have anything in particular of your own to sell that’s as personal as Danny Rampling’s eBook, localize your area of expertise. Offer a service based on what you know best. You may think, since so much information is readily available, ‘why would anyone pay me for it?’. It’s simple, people will always pay for the service of you doing all the work. Gathering useful information and redistributing it in a very concise, clear cut graspable way. (Cliff Notes will never cease being relevant, will they?) It’s really not that hard. Take the time to figure out what you’re most comfortable with offering and have the most passion for. Start organizing and make it happen.

PS Not only does Danny Rampling offer you a great eBook on becoming a DJ and how to be successful in the entertainment industry, he also provides a number of bonuses (and a 60 day money back guarantee). Bonus items are essential in locking in the sale of your product. If what you furnish is already a sound investment, giving your customer more just tips the scale in your favor. At the end of the day it’s about a quality product that will ultimately sell itself.

PPS There’s also an audio version of the eBook…


  1. Thank you for mentioning me & sharing my article. I realize this is months after the fact but I just stumbled across your post. I apologize for the late response.
    By the way, I did release the book by the same title back in February and will be launching the Pick My Brain Tour shortly. Thanks again for sharing.Adrienne GrahamEmpower Me! Corporation


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