Getting More Soundcloud Plays with


I know, I know, I know there’s been a lot of chatter about the demise of Soundcloud. There’s a lot to be desired when it comes to the functioning of the site. I’ve voiced my complaints in the video “Is it Time to Leave Soundcloud?” That being said, Soundcloud remains one of the MOST important platforms for independent music today. They still have one of the most active and enthusiastic music communities on the internet. As long as fans are discovering and heavily engaging with music on Soundcloud, it should be in your toolbox.

What is is one of the most innovative online advertising platforms for music promotion. Through Feature, DIY artists now gain access to promotional methods that were once reserved for major record labels and companies. Ads on the platform are aimed at getting your music heard which is the most important thing for recording artists.

How does it work?

One of the places Feature allows artists to run advertisements is a playlisting site called The focus of 8tracks is user-generated playlists. Users create custom playlists around themes like breakups, being an auntie, anything you can imagine. Their users are very engaged and active music fans which makes a ton of sense because the nature of the site almost requires them to be.

On 8tracks, your song will be placed between playlists as an ad. When one playlist finishes, before a user can move on to another playlist, your song will stream. The user has the option of skipping your song or letting it play through. You’re only charged if the song is played for at least 30-seconds. Your ad consists of your audio, a cover image, links to Youtube, iTunes, and/or Soundcloud and a call to action or brief message to the listener.

Example of 8Tracks/ ad:


Getting More Soundcloud Plays with

Feature allows you to use your Soundcloud audio for your ad where the audio will stream from Soundcloud. Every play your ad receives will count as a stream on Soundcloud which will increase the total number of streams for your track on the platform.


Though Feature ads can increase the number of streams of your track on Soundcloud, engagement is another story. In order for your ad to result in an increase of Soundcloud followers, playlisting, and favorites users have to leave 8tracks and go to Soundcloud. That’s not likely to happen unless a user is really moved by the track. At the same time, the ad will allow your song to make it into that user’s history which will affect your song positively when it comes to artist radio stations and the Soundcloud recommendation engine. So, the ad may not drive Soundcloud engagement, but it may drive more organic streams and facilitate discovery.


  • 4ยข per play
  • 30-second minimum – You’re not charged unless a user listens for at least 30-seconds
  • Buy links – You can link users to a music store to buy your track – iTunes, Bandcamp, etc.
  • Link to Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. – You can link to the video of your track on Youtube or to your Soundcloud profile
  • Increases Soundcloud plays
  • Can result in residual plays through Soundcloud recommendations




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