getting your music heard


The first and most important step on the path to a successful career as a music artist is getting heard. People hear you, they love you, become fans, buy your music and merchandise and come to your concerts. The question many artists have is “HOW DO I GET MY MUSIC HEARD?”

There’s a video on my Payusnomind Youtube channel titled “Top 3 Ways to Promote Your Music on Soundcloud” that has over 155,000 views. 95% of the views came from within Youtube thanks to searches and recommendations on the platform. I didn’t contact my friends and family and ask them to watch and share my video. I’m anti-social so that probably wouldn’t have worked for me anyway. Now, I can say that all I did was upload it to Youtube but that’s not all I did. There’s one key extra step I took that led to the success of that video, I optimized it for discovery!

I have a number of videos just as successful from implementing the same strategy. The same things that have led to my success on Youtube can lead to your success across multiple platforms from Youtube to Soundcloud.


What's In the Book

Remixes and Covers

One of the easiest ways to get your music heard is through the use of remixes and cover. In this chapter we examine all the aspects of remixing and covering songs. You’ll find information on:

  • Youtube Optimization
  • Soundcloud Optimization
  • Finding the right song to remix & cover
  • Being the first to the punch
  • The danger in remixing songs
  • Standing Out in the Cloud
  • Return on Investment
  • Legally selling your cover songs
  • And More


Keywords are the reason remixes and covers are the top ways to drive traffic to your music online, but people online are constantly running searches for far more than music. You have people looking for information on actors and other celebrities, people looking for movie reviews and trailers, etc. In this chapter we examine the use of search engine optimized music and cover how you can best utilize the tactic to drive traffic to your music.

Same Love

Social Optimization – Socially optimized songs are songs that can be connected to current social topics being discussed online like gun violence or police brutality. This chapter examines social optimization through Macklemore’s “Same Love” and provides information on how the tactic can be best utilized. What you’ll find in this chapter:

  • Working Through 3rd Parties
  • Blogging
  • Get in on the Discussion
  • Using Facebook Groups
  • Using Twitter Hashtags
  • Return on Investment
  • How to Get Press
  • How to Get Radio Airplay
  • Advertising
  • Feed Optimization
  • And More