Facebook Etiquette


When it comes to my Facebook wall I reserve the right to be selective about what appears on it because it’s ‘my’ wall. So does everyone else that has an account. It’s bad enough that every few months there’s a new alert about more privacy being lost throughout social networks and online in general, not to mention the barrage of corporations inundating prospective consumers through overt and covert advertising, the last thing you want to do as an artist is add to this digital mess when seeking exposure.Spam is simply not the way. Sure, you feel like the links that you post are not ‘spam’ because it’s your art, something you feel strongly about, but if you were not asked for the information you’re providing, and you go through your entire list of ‘friends’ posting in an assembly line manner, then it’s pretty much spam (Twitter’s no different, we can see your timeline.)

If you don’t have the go ahead from an individual to freely post information on their wall I personally wouldn’t suggest you do it. It would be much better to take the time and engage your ‘target’ (I’m joking…) if you genuinely want to share what you have to offer. Use the inbox creatively, start a conversation in the chat box or quite simply leave a nice comment on their wall; one that isn’t an ad for your new song or a link to your latest art piece.

Of course you will meet some adversity, which is the nature of this business of trying convince people that have the choice not to care about your offerings, to care about your offerings.  If you come across folks that aren’t receptive just keep it moving, don’t be salty. Perhaps you’ll catch’em on another day. You will likely not get another opportunity if you leave a less than positive impression on them.

Consider how you like being approached. Then ponder again because everyone does not think like you do. Don’t forget you’re ‘asking’ people for their attention, be mindful as you navigate their virtual lawns . Your success will come from the positive relationships you build during your pursuit to be seen, heard or both.



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