How You Broke Your Facebook Page


You know how when you created your band page on Facebook the system showed you a bunch of people from your profile page with an “invite” button next to their names?

Facebook Invite

True that in the beginning of an artist’s career fans are few and far in between, it’s highly likely there aren’t any fans at all. Friends, family, colleagues, and associates may be all an artist has. Because of that reason, we invite any and everybody from our profile pages to Like our band pages. Well, that and not wanting our Likes count to sit at zero while we work to build a fan-base. It just looks bad and doesn’t make you feel good.

None of this wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for Facebook’s algorithm.

Algorithm (pronounced AL-go-rith-um) – A procedure or formula for solving a problem.

What’s the problem? Cluttered News Feeds and users being bombarded with content they don’t find engaging.Facebook reads Likes, Shares, and Comments as signs of engagement. The News Feed gets filtered to show users content they’re MOST LIKELY to find engaging.

Your friends, family members, and colleagues are not fans and most of them probably don’t care much about your music if at all. Let’s say 90% of them could careless about your music. That leaves only 10% that have an interest in it. This means that there’s a 90% chance that the initial users your posts are exposed to will be users that are the least likely to engage with them. Their lack of engagement will result in your posts remaining hidden from the 10% of users who would actually find it engaging.

Facebook gets some of the blame for encouraging users to chase Likes but most of the blame falls on us. We put Likes first and just wanted to see our numbers climb with almost complete disregard for quality. From “Inviting” everyone from our profile to Like our pages to Like gating requiring Likes for downloads and to listen to songs and buying fake Likes we’ve taken actions to have led to breaking our pages. The good news is that they can be fixed.

The long tail solution is to work to get more people that actually care about your music to Like your page and it will straighten itself out. The short term solution is to run Facebook ads and Boosts to reach the people most likely to find your content engaging. You can Boosts your post on Facebook to force them into the News Feeds of users. Boosts start at only $5. If you’d like to get started with ads you can take a look at my ebook “PPC Advertising: Fundamentals for Begginers” .


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